National Arboretum

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Location: 3501 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002
Our Experience: Four and Half Stars

I was nervous to commit an afternoon to visit a place whose website resembles a cookbook from 1970.

I wouldn’t recommend visiting their website, just get the address and close that tab ASAP.

Let WTFunDC give you a better idea of what your getting yourself into!

This place is great for all ages. Photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, awkward first dates, or for your boring relatives who don’t seem to have any common interests as you.

What you’ll love:
-Free parking, admission, & easy to drive to (unlike a lot of DC places)
-Plenty of paths to explore. Gardens, meadows & forests
-Variety of plants and trees. Turmeric and Ginger–what?!
-Pronouncing 10 syllabic plant names pretending you know how to speak Latin
-Receive a “tour” via telephone number the park provides

What you won’t love:
-Not setting aside enough time to go through the whole park
-Not as beautiful during the winter, but it is open 364 days a year! (Closed for Christmas)

National Arboretum
In front of the original pillars from the Capitol Building. Even a bit of history in this place


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