York Castle Caribbean Ice Cream

Location: 827 Hungerford Dr Rockville, MD 20852
Website: Not Available
Our Experience: Five Stars

Come here for a sweet treat + educational lesson on exotic fruits.

Keep reading and you’ll get to learn about an exotic fruit without having to move anywhere…

It’s called Lucuma. According to the store manager, it’s native to only Peru and is hard to come by in the states. Its deep orange in color but honestly the ice cream tasted like french toast/maple dessert.

At the counter you’ll find samples to taste and a binder including fun facts about the exotic fruits they put in their ice cream.

Flavor selection is limited until April, where all flavors will be available like Tamarind, Papaya, etc. If you want the full tropical experience head over there during the spring/summer. One of the great things about their ice cream is it’s all homemade, which makes it the best!

Seating inside is limited to a few bar stools so going on a nice day is best so you can take full advantage of their purple picnic tables.

The hours are slightly different during the winter so make sure to call before you head in….because even Google isn’t informed of their hours.

You should try different flavors and let us know what you try so we can try them next time too! 🙂


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