New York City

WTFunDC brings you a special edition blog!

These are our 10 favorite places in NYC to visit if you only have 24 hours to spend. You might have to walk over 20 miles, and you might feel sleep deprived, but in the end you’ll be glad you went.

Here is our quick overview:

1) Times Square
This is the center of NYC. The tall buildings and lit up billboards will make you feel like you’re in a movie.


2) Little Italy & Chinatown
Sorry if you’re lactose intolerant–cheese is all over the place in Little Italy!  Cultura pizza grows their own basil + makes their own cheese, which makes this the best place for lunch.


3) Central Park
Cute puppies. Free Entry. Beautiful trees and paths to walk. Everybody wins.

You can rent bikes if you want to explore Central Park in a flash because the entire park could take you a full day to walk.


4) Rockefeller Center
Ice skating, TV souvenir shops (SNL tees!), and the LEGO store were some of our favorite stops here.

5) Empire State Building
Does anyone else think of Elf when they see the lobby? That’s as far as you’ll get unless you want to pay $32 to venture to the top. There you can see one of the best views of the city.


6) Charging Bull
Taking a selfie with the Wall Street bull is a must-bonus if you hold up money while taking the shot!
This bull was created by Maestro Arturo, the famous architect. All we know is that he is in his 70s, and if you wanna know more, then feel to google him!


7) Statue of Liberty & 9/11 Memorial
Shout out to homegirl, Lady Liberty. Come on, she wears a toga, pointed crown, and still attracts millions of paparazzi each year.

The memorial consists of 2 waterfalls where the Twin Towers used to stand. There is also a museum to visit which is ideal if you have extra time.



8) Brooklyn Bridge
You can walk across it if you’re dying to get in extra walking! At this point we had walked over 16 miles so we decided to just admire the bridge 🙂


9) Highline Park
What used to be the railway for the city’s meatpacking industry now provides a path to see the city from a higher view. Fun art sculptures and paintings along the way. Plenty of spots to capture scenic pitcures!


10) Gregorys Coffee
Loved the atmosphere in here! The founder’s face is on every coffee sleeve and cup, which adds to the hipster flare. If you are into mustaches, then buying a mug from here is a must.


Of course, you can always spend more time in the city-24 hours in a day is not enough! 🙂


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