Cabin John Regional Park

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Location: 10900 Westlake Dr Bethesda, MD 20817
Our Experience:

Today the staff at WTFunDC thought, “I need to find some fur-real fun”

This is different from regular fun because fur-real fun found at dog parks makes your heart overflow with happiness from all the little fluffy dogs (or monster looking ones) running around like life is great.

WTFunDC’s only pet is a bike. We don’t own a dog, but that didn’t stop us from acting like we did!

Cabin John Dog park offers 2 fenced in areas for both small and large dogs. We went right in and felt instantly welcomed from other dog owners and the dogs that let us pet them.

There is a grand total of 2 swings (yes, we counted. Only 2). So coming here with kids might be lead to disappointment…not so pawsome

The park also offers a mini train ride, and 2 picnic pavilions for birthdays/BBQs, and a water fountain placed inside an artificial hippo–enough said.

Dog-owner or not, this park will leave you feeling a little less “ruff” than when you came.


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