Brookside Gardens

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Location: 1800 Glenallan Avenue Wheaton, MD 20902
Our Experience: Five Stars

Contrary to popular belief, going to butterfly exhibits aren’t only for 5 year old girls who wear pink tutus.

How does WTFunDC know this?

We tested it out; inviting people who fit the criterion below:
* older than 20
* pink was not their favorite color
* did not confess to owning a tutu
* were bored and wanted something to do

WTFunDC had a group of 4; 2 guys and 2 gals. All 4 people said they would come again!

The variety and color of butterflies are amazing. To think something can come out of a furry looking slug is incredible.

The staff inside is friendly and explains unique features about each species. The butterflies are friendly too as they might land on your shoulder.

The exhibit takes about an hour, but the adventure does not have to stop there. Outside you’ll find secluded gardens filled with every flower, large ponds with turtles, and quiet paths through the woods open to the public.

Be careful if you go on a beautiful Saturday-you might just walk into someone’s wedding ceremony!

Whether you’re wanting a quiet afternoon to yourself, or a nature related activity that isn’t the zoo, Brookside Gardens is the place to go.


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