Shilla Bakery

Location: 7039 Little River Turnpike Annandale, Va 22003
Our Experience: Four Stars

Maybe you’ve driven past a Shilla Bakery and thought, “oh, just another muffin.” Well WTFunDC has some news for you…

This place is not your grandma’s cookie outlet. There are an overwhelming selection of unique desserts you probably have never heard of–things like Melon bread (sounds weird but is awesome!) savory croquettes, sweet rolls, or a pig face shaped cake.


While the classic desserts are delicious, this bakery has unique layered ice desserts called Bing Soo. The glasses look somewhat similar to a flower vase, so eating one solo isn’t recommended.

Bing Soo is a combination of ice cream, frozen fruit, and shaved ice topped with flavored syrups. We think you should try the Mint Chocolate Chip (mint ice cream, chocolate chunks, strawberries, chocolate syrup, mochi).

If you just want a cozy cup of joe with your sweet roll they carry that too.

There is plenty of seating for a cozy coffee date or studying. We couldn’t find any outlets, so make sure you have your laptop charged 😦

It wasn’t busy when we visited on Christmas Eve. Rumor has it this place gets rather busy especially on the weekends–so don’t expect this place to be as quiet as a library.

The parking lot and entrance to the shopping center is a classic example of a poorly designed DMV road system. We don’t even know how we exited without getting hit.

Now that there are over 6 store locations there can be Bing Soo for everybody! Click on the link above to find the store closest to you 🙂


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