The National Aquarium

Location: 501 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Our Experience: Four and Half Stars

Do you remember the days of The Magic School Bus? As a 9 year old I wish I had Ms. Frizzle as my 3rd grade teacher. She would take her students everywhere in that bus.

Now you can visit the ocean floor too without riding in a magical bus–just pay a visit to the Baltimore National Aquarium using your own car!

1) 4D Movie
Add an extra five bucks to your admission and catch a short 4-D movie of your choice. Ticket fees include getting sprayed with water, ankles brushed with brooms, and your back being poked….all a part of the experience!

2) Black Tip Reef

This is the ocean equivalent of DC rush hour. Each creature is swimming around full speed–we didn’t witness any accidents though.

3) Jelly Fish Invasion

I felt like a mom thinking “these things need to comb their tentacles-they’re tangled”.

4) Australia Wild Extreme

Wow. This picture screams, “look everyone! it’s my first day at the aquarium”
The Barramundi fish has a unique eating style. When they catch food they make a large splash. This signals the birds of prey to come and eat the Barramundis.

However, the fish swim away immediately because they know they are being watched. These fish practice the same thing in their tanks just as they do in the wild.

Look at the aquarium activity schedule so you can see an attendant feed them.

5) Living Seashore Touch Exhibit
I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Come here to touch jellyfish (and sting rays too)!!

6) Dolphin

The Dolphin

A large viewing tank made this exhibit awesome to visit. Check in with the info desk to see the time of the free dolphin show.

7) Sharks

Take the ramp down 4 levels to explore all the layers of the shark habitat. They swim fast, look grumpy, but are cool to watch. Did you know their outer layer is actually made of microscopic sized teeth?!

8) Miscellaneous tanks

Throughout the aquarium there are various exhibits. Here are a few pics of cools things we saw. Upper right pic-those are not rocks. They are stone fish!


Rumor has it the aquarium is raising a new baby sea turtle in the Coastal Beach Exhibit. You can even submit ideas to name him. Go and find him!



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