Pupuseria Dona Azucena

Location: 71 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22203
Website: Not Available
Our Experience: Four Stars

We have found the Salvadoran version of IHOP.

We know it’s not the classic short stack, but choosing a corn or rice flour pupusas with customized fillings (meats, cheeses, beans) is hard to beat. Instead of syrup, top your pupusa with a crunchy slaw and Salsa Roja.

The pupusas may look small, but after eating 2 we were 95% full.

They offer other items such as plantains, fish, and salad. There are plenty of rich drinks such as Horchata and pastries for dessert.

The pupusas are plated on wax paper atop of slotted plates. Actually, they aren’t even plates. They are plastic circles of uselessness. The paper then becomes soggy from the salsa roja and you’ll most definitely be eating the wax paper. (TIP: ask for a real plate)

Parking is limited and N. Glebe road is rather busy, so be cautious as you pull into their tiny parking lot.

We don’t know why there is another Pupusaria next door-we think you should stick with Dona Azucena!


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