Location: 11626 Old Georgetown Rd North Bethesda, MD 20852
Website: http://andpizza.com/
Our Experience: Four Stars

If you’re in a bossy mood you need to come here.

All day long your significant other, your mom, and even your dog are telling you what to do. Sometimes you need to be in charge!

Here you choose everything. Crust. Sauce. Toppings. Sound good?

If a food item has ever been put on a pizza, it will be there (even scrambled egg!). They aren’t shy about loading up the toppings so you might need to use a fork for devouring purposes.

There are also unique blends of “soda” on tap. White birch ginger, Mango berry lemonade, and Black star anise are just a few.

We would recommend to eat here for all pizza lovers or to eat here if you’re tired of Tuesday specials at Dominos.

Lucky you, its in the same complex as iPic Theaters. Onsite parking is free for the first 2 hours, and free for 3.5 hours if you watch a movie at iPic.

Let us know below any awesome pizza combinations you created!


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