Insomnia Escape Room DC

Location: 2300 Wisconsin Ave NW #200b, Washington, DC 20007
Our Experience: Five Stars

Remember when your mean older sibling would lock you in your room as a kid? Now that you’re all grown up, how about you invite them to be locked in a room with you to solve a mystery!

Figure out the clues to advance to the final clue, which will be the room key so you can “escape”. Be prepared to think outside the box, as the answers are easy to overthink.

The team can be just 2 people, or up to 5. You can even have 7 when you pay a little more. The cost to rent the room is a fixed price, so the more people you can rally in the better!

Due to extreme popularity and limited Escape Rooms, you must make a reservation. Weekends fill fast, so you may need to schedule in advance.

This is an ideal place to go with close friends or a random group of people who may not know each other that well (i.e coworkers). Mixed ages work well for this event too.
You will definitely get a team building experience from this!

You must solve the puzzle within 60 minutes, so invite people you can stomach being with for that long 😉 Don’t worry-there is someone who can help you with solving the clues, so you have a chance to win.

There are 2 room options-we tried the Cosa Nostra. The other is called The Secret Society. Either way you get a chance to get take some glamour shots, which will be posted on their Facebook page.

For pricing and difficulty level, feel free to check out their page.



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