The Capital Wheel

Location: 116 Waterfront St, National Harbor, MD 20745
Our Experience: Five Stars

When’s the last time you rode a Ferris wheel? Probs at some sketchy carnival & you weren’t 100% sure if the thing would fall apart because it was violently shaking.

*Sigh* 10 tickets wasted for a cheap ride.

This wheel is sturdy, clean, and is not attended by any grumpy carnival workers either.

Come to National Harbor and ride The Capital Wheel to see the city lit up at night. While it’s open year-round, we highly recommend going during Christmas time to see the lit up trees and attend other Christmas shows. Going during the day is also a great option to catch scenic views of the Potomac River, The National Mall, White House, and Capitol.

The ride is slow and scenic. It’s so romantic you’ll totally fall in love with the person who rides in the gondola with you!

The gondola is just for you and your group (up to 6). You can upgrade to VIP status, which puts you in a gondola with a glass floor.

As you wait in line, a photographer captures the glorious moment in picture form, which you can purchase after the ride.

After you ride the wheel, there are plenty of other activities at National Harbor. Our favorites were eating crab cakes, going into the Peep store, and jumping in the large sandpit.

Other attractions:
-Restaurants (fast casual, or fancy. There’s even a piano bar!)
-Carousel and playground for kids
-The Gaylord hotel
-Tanger outlets
-Dinner boat cruises
-Daytime paddle boat rentals

What are you waiting for?! Go with someone today


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