W&OD Trail

Location: 21293 Smiths Switch Road Ashburn, VA 20147
Website: http://www.nvrpa.org/park/w_od_railroad/
Our Experience: Four and Half Stars

If you’re from the DC area, the W& OD trail is no secret. Stretching from Alexandria to Purceville, this trail provides plenty of spots to hop on and can be used for a mid day walk or a full day bike ride.

We want to remind you that this is a great feature to the area, so you definitely will want to bring your out of town guests here.

Now there’s only so much to review about a trail. For those who have never been, read on.

The paved trail is relatively flat and is extra wide = excellent choice for roller blading, biking, & those Kangoo runner shoes (We encourage you to look up that type of shoe btw).

The trail runs through major cities so if you need to get off for bathroom or food breaks there is one every few miles. It also connects to other trails in the Arlington and Alexandria area.

Simple rules:
1. put your dog on a leash.
2. Follow trail courtesy and STAY ON THE RIGHT! Don’t be a hog and walk down the center.

Hit the trail early or later in the day if you want to avoid mom walking groups, children on bikes, and other groups that may slow you down 😉


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