Blue Ridge Ballooning

Location: Launch Site Varies, Charlottesville
Our Experience: Five Stars

Hot Air ballooning is definitely something you want to try when you feel like you’ve “done it all”. If you have a free weekend to visit Charlottesville, we recommend you fly with Blue Ridge Ballooning Company as a part of your trip!

(**for those looking for a creative proposal idea you can thank us later**)

The pilots, Jim and Liana, are personable, knowledgeable and make the trip memorable. During our trip, Jim took time to explain the whole process of ballooning–from setting up to landing. Wear comfortable clothes as you get to help with the set up and tear down of the balloon.

Even if you’re scared of heights, this is an experience you definitely can try. It doesn’t feel like you’re 1,300 feet above ground. The trip is without turbulence, and the ride is smooth and quiet.

You can take as many pictures as you want, but you’ll definitely want to buy the ones that Liana takes while you’re up in the balloon.

During your flight you’ll be high enough to see panoramic views of the country, yet low enough to see ducks on ponds and cows grazing in pastures. Flights take place at sunrise and sunset, so you’re bound to catch a great view!

After landing, you’ll celebrate with a toast, learn the ballooning history, and receive a certificate for completing the trip.

Since you’re in Charlottesville, you might as well spend the rest of your day visiting. Don’t forget to check out Monticello, nature trails, and downtown Charlottesville.


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