Location: 20789 Great Falls Plaza #176, Sterling, VA 20165
Our Experience: Four and Half Stars

Mokomandy is rated the 63rd best restaurant in the DC area in 2016 by The Washingtonian.

After contemplating what Mokomandy translates to in English, WTFunDC found that it means “Modern Korean by Mandy”. Mandy is the owner’s mother.

The menu is filled with a mix of Cajun and Korean cuisine, and has a modern elegant feel inside. Definitely casual during the day, but could be a nice birthday dinner on a weekend evening. It’s in a shopping strip with regular stores, so we were surprised to find such a classy place for lunch.

If you sit at the bar, feel free to ask Phil for food recommendations.

They have a variety of meats (alligator, scallops, roast pork belly, monk fish). Most items have some sort of butter sauce or bacon added. Make sure to try out their hot sauces made in house (their specialty!)

We were sad the chocolate cake was out, but found something better- the Gateau de Sirop. Pretty much pecan pie with ice cream.

Ready to visit?






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