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About every birthday party I went to as a kid had a scavenger hunt. The prizes were useless–plastic gold coins, lisa frank pencils, and other things you’d see in an Oriental Trading magazine. Yet there was something exciting about having a mission to accomplish.

You loved them, right?

Even though you aren’t invited to 15 themed birthday parties as an adult, you can still re-live those days and go on a nationwide scavenger hunt–geocaching. You can go as a one time activity or turn it into a hobby.

You can use an app to locate the “geocaches” close to you. These are various sized plastic boxes with mini prizes inside and a sign-in book to prove that you found the geocache.

You can bring small trinkets to exchange for ones left in the boxes (pencils, bouncy ball, keychain, pennies, etc.). We thought signing the book was cool enough.

The app gives you general directions to the geocaches and allows you keep track of the ones you’ve found.

Because it is nationwide, you can try it out in different states when you visit and make a tradition out of it.

Happy Geocaching!


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