Whale Boat Tour in Virginia Beach

Location: 717 General Booth Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Website: https://www.virginiaaquarium.com/learn/sea-adventures
Our Experience: Five Stars

Virginia Beach isn’t just for a summer weekend trip anymore. The Virginia Aquarium offers whale tours from December-February if you’re looking for a mini trip to take this winter. 🐋

Our packing list:
1. Ski mask/scarf to cover your face. The 1st reason is to keep warm. The 2nd is to avoid the odor that occurs when the whales blow out air. Yes, whale’s breath smells like fart.

2. Camera (as if we needed to say that…).

3. Directions to the closest Pho. You’re going to need it to warm up!

While the boat ride is cold, the tickets are only $26/person and also come with the guarantee that you’ll see a whale or dolphin or your next whale tour is free.

Other incentives to come to Virginia Beach in the winter:

  • affordable and available hotels
  • seafood restaurants with no lines
  • Cape Henry lighthouse

While this isn’t a SeaWorld performance, it is definitely a neat experience to be up close to a whale’s tail.


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