Location: 12021 Town Square Street, Reston, VA
Our Experience: Five Stars

Come to Bartaco for a unique twist on tacos. We’re talking about lobster, duck, pork belly, mahi-mahi, fried oyster, shrimp, falafel, and sesame rib-eye tacos just to name a few!
While not advertised, make sure to ask your waiter about the secret taco of the week or you might miss out on something special.

While the tacos are flavorful by themselves, Bartaco also has their own made in-house hot sauces. The tacos are 2-3 bites, so you can order a large variety of tacos (we only ate 4 each & were full).

Our favorite part was the outdoor seating & bar that serves a variety of hand-crafted cocktails, all made with fresh squeezed juices.

If you are reading this thinking you don’t want to go because you hate tacos, you still need to go because there are other dishes if tacos aren’t your thing. While you’re there, make sure you buy your mom a bottle of hot sauce.


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