About WTFunDC

What is WTFunDC?

Honest reviews of fun things to do in the DC metro area for anyone.
Really anyone.

Being social doesn’t always have to be dinner and a movie.  Let us help you with some ideas for:
*A date!
*Place to go with out of town relatives
*Something to do with a friend

Who are we?


Registered Dietitian by day, chef in training by night.
I love art, everything funny, and probably waste too much time on YouTube. I tend to finish other people’s sentences, make everything a competition, and get way into Just Dance on the Wii. 



Dronographer, foodie, traveler, and adventurer.
He loves people, technology, and nature. In his free time, he enjoys coming up with new ideas, helping other people, and learning new things. He is pretty good at finding things at Target, and he knows how to peel any clementines in one piece!


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Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.06.33 PM

Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions at wtfundc@gmail.com


Bike graphic by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Made with Logo Maker

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